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New Nottingham facility NOW OPEN. Reserve your unit with the click of a button

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What NOT to put into Self Storage

Although it may seem obvious, there are some things that you shouldn’t put into a self storage unit. Not everything is suited for storage, and knowing what to avoid can save you from future headaches, damaged goods, and even legal troubles.

Here is a list of what not to put in a self storage unit. Some are hopefully common sense, while others may not be so obvious.

1. Pets

No matter how small they are, whether they are caged or hibernating, you are never allowed to keep pets in a storage unit. It’s illegal, inhumane and no one wants to be left in a dark lonely room. 

Always ensure pets are cared for in a loving, appropriate environment and seek alternatives, like pet sitters or boarding facilities, if you're unable to provide for them temporarily.

2. Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous or Toxic Materials 

Storing anything combustible, flammable or hazardous of the above are considered extremely dangerous, things like paint, petrol or cleaning solutions are all potentially harmful. These include items such as:

  • Gasoline
  • Compressed gas
  • Propane tanks
  • Kerosene
  • Lamp and motor oil
  • Acid
  • Grease
  • Corrosives 
  • Fertilisers
  • Chemicals
  • Narcotics
  • Hazardous, toxic, or biological waste  

Asbestos or products which may contain asbestos are also not permitted – nor are fireworks or any other form of explosive.  

3. Stolen items or illegal goods

If you should not own it, then you should not store it either. This includes drugs, counterfeit tobacco, courtier fit items like clothes, toys or perfumes. Violating this policy can lead to immediate contract termination and potential legal action against you. 

4. Currency 

Storing large amounts of currency in a storage unit is highly discouraged and poses several risks. Firstly, most storage facility agreements explicitly prohibit the storage of cash due to the increased risk of theft and the lack of security measures compared to banks or safes.

Secondly, cash stored in such units is not insured, meaning any loss due to theft, natural disasters, or damage would result in a total financial loss with no recourse for recovery.

5. Plants 

The climate and lack of light in a storage unit is not ideal for a living plant. The enclosed, dark environment of a storage unit can lead to the rapid deterioration and death of plants, making it an unsuitable option for plant storage. The presence of plants in self storage can also attract pests and mould, posing risks to other stored items. 

6. Weapons, Firearms & Ammunitions

Storing weapons, firearms, and ammunition in a storage unit demands strict adherence to legal and safety regulations. Many storage facilities explicitly prohibit the storage of such items to mitigate risks of accidents or theft. 

Such goods need to be stored in climate-controlled units which Loft Self Storage does not offer.

7. Perishable Food Items

Storing perishable food items in a storage unit is strongly discouraged due to the lack of proper refrigeration and the potential for health hazards. Without adequate temperature control, perishable items can quickly spoil, leading to foul odours, mould, and attracting pests. 

Anything sealed for long term usage can be stored, for instance wine, beers, and canned foods. 

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We are passionate about providing customers with flexible self-storage facilities here at Loft Self Storage. Our purpose is to help make your life easier, whether you are using our facilities for personal or business purposes.

We are always looking to make sure that our storage locations are safe and user friendly and if your items do not affect our team or other customers, we are happy!

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