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7 Reasons Why People Use Self Storage

7 Reasons Why People Use Self Storage

One of the first questions we get asked is “what can I store in my unit?” and the simple answer is pretty much anything, aside from perishable, hazardous items, or living creatures. But there are also many reasons why people use self storage. 

Self-storage is an incredibly popular way to keep belongings. Whatever your reason, there is no doubt that self-storage can take a weight off your shoulders and give you peace of mind as you transition through life changes. Let’s take a look at a few of the main reasons:

1. Moving home 

Often people need to leave their old home before moving into their new one. During this period, renting a storage unit for personal belongings can be beneficial, as it saves you the worry of where to store your belongings and the need to pack and transport with each move. 

Moving to smaller homes or downsizing can kick-start the process of getting rid of certain belongings. To avoid rushing this stage and making rash decisions, a storage unit can buy you time and space to make good decisions about your personal items. 

2. Renovating your home or business 

Refurbishing your home is an exciting time, but what do you do with your belongings? To avoid damage to furniture during the renovation, many people rent a storage unit. Short-term rental is an ideal cost-effective solution as you can renew it every month until your home improvements are complete.   

Whether it’s house or office furniture we can store any of your heavy goods long or short term. We can store any furniture that you want to keep but are currently not using often. 

3. Decluttering space  

Decluttering your personal or business space should not mean discarding your cherished possessions. Renting out a storage unit is economical and convenient when you need to make room, especially if you’re not ready to throw anything away. It is ideal for seasonal items like Christmas or Halloween decorations. 

4. To store clothes 

Most people have garments that they do not wear often but want to keep just in case they come back in fashion. To make life easier, you can store clothing items to create space at home. We recommend using vacuum bags for any long-term storage as it’s great for packing lots of clothes into smaller packages and keeps them dry. 

Read more on how to store clothes long-term.

5. Business storage  

Are you a start-up or online business with surplus stock? Instead of cluttering your home or office, use one of our storage units to hold all your access stock. Providing your goods are not perishable, hazardous, or flammable, we can store them safely for as long as you need. 

Getting business storage is a perfect solution for any business going through a transition, as otherwise you may end up cluttering your home or renting out an expensive warehouse. Additionally, you don’t have to limit your business because of space – as it grows, so can your storage unit. 

6. Car, vehicle, van, caravan or motorhome storage 

If you live in a flat, apartment or house with no space for your car or motorcycle collection, renting a secure storage unit is a wise option. Whether it's a car, van, or motorhome storage, there are various motivations for utilising these specialised vehicle storage spaces, from the need for seasonal storage during the off-season, to secure space during relocation. 

7. Student storage 

During the summer break, many students face the dilemma of where to store bedroom furniture. Renting a student storage unit takes the hassle out of transporting college items and finding storage space at home. 

Students may have books, paper files and folders they may want to keep for their next year of university. We can store these for you over the summer and you can retrieve them at any time that is convenient. 

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At Loft Self Storage, we are always looking to make sure that our self storage solutions are safe, secure, and available for any reason you might want to store your items. Whatever type of self storage you need, we’re here to help! 

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